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“Elise Perez is more than an empath. She’s more than a psychic. She’s more than a healer. She’s a living embodiment & glowing example of self love. & moreover, she cares enough about people to want them to feel the same. You can tell by her attention to detail & insight in her readings that she uses every faculty & gift that she’s been given to give as much insight as she can for the betterment of experiencing life; overcoming our blocks to love & our self inflicted pain to finally achieving that inner peace we all want so desperately to feel. She doesn’t phone it in, she truly cares & wants to empower people to be able to equip themselves with the ability to fill their own proverbial spiritual tool belt with everything they need for personal fulfillment. I’m grateful to have met her, & I can’t recommend her enough. 👍💖” – Kari





“I came across Elise Perez’s website when I was searching for answers of what I was experiencing with my twin flame. I had spoken with so many psychics, and they were just making everything even worst for me by giving me timeframes of when I would get into union, telling me I don’t have a twin flame, and so many other things that left me confused. I had watched a lot of Elise’s videos on youtube and they are so amazing and super helpful. The one that made me book a reading was about mastering open hearted detachment. I had been doing the complete opposite, I was obsessed with my twin flame and they occupied so much of my thoughts. The healing was so helpful. Elise identified all the blocks I had and removed them. She also explained why things happened like they did with my twin flame. After a couple weeks from the reading I noticed I was becoming more and more detached from obsessing over my twin flame and wanting to be in union. I still think about my twin flame from time to time, but the difference is it’s a lighter energy of open hearted detachment and not obsession. I now have confidence that the universe will bring me union with my twin flame when I’m ready or it may even be another soul connection! She won’t tell you timeframes of when you’ll be in union, because union only comes when you have done your healing and feel whole without someone else. Her readings are all about empowerment, healing, and being the creator of your story, which I really resonate with. I highly suggest everyone who’s in a twin flame situation get a reading from Elise, or watch her videos on youtube!” -Jay

“I had a reading with Elise on 28th December and it was amazing, it was for about an hour and she did a couple of card shuffles, one to cover where i am now, and another re TF and mission, am I on the right track etc. It was so spot on, she was able to tell me I was at a cross roads in my life, which I was – I had been trying to balance out a corporate job with my mission which is healing and helping people and also shed light around my blockages and what was stopping me from moving forward. She could see the pattern of back and forth between my twin and i and also his stubborn refusal to believe he deserves love, during the course of the reading i just knew i was the runner here and not him. She was also able to pick up on my own lack of self love and not giving myself enough credit, the same things that i accuse my twin off. But the best part of this whole reading was I have been plagued with dreams of an ex finance. In every dream of my twin, it was like the face of this ex was superimposed on him. We are on friendly terms and I always just thought it odd, I didn’t mention it to Elise but she picked up a block, a sexual block to a past lover and went right in and removed it for me. I had always assumed that both of them had similiar traits but didn’t realise that there was an attachment on the part of my ex finance which she was able to go right in and remove. And here we are nearly five weeks later and not one dream of the ex, even though we’ve been in contact over the last few weeks. I would totally recommend her as I have been a reiki practitioner and shamanic practitioner and well versed at going within and looking for blocks, etc but in this case I needed outside help to help me see what I could not. Thank you Elise. Healing is happening every day and i am forever grateful.” -Annmarie H.

“Elise gave me myself back! Recently Elise Perez saw ADD type energy in me and agreed to remove it for me. My backstory is that I was always very focused, organized, good with money and logic until I put on a birth control patch which overloaded me with hormones and put me into psychosis (hearing voices etc). That was a few years ago and I never fully recovered. Things got worse after a bad car accident too, effecting my memory even more. I couldn’t get things done like I used to. Writing notes for myself on post-its didn’t even work anymore it was like I couldn’t see them. I would forget to pay bills even when my Mom reminded me, it’s like memories wouldn’t stick. I stopped cooking and we just grabbed frozen and convenience foods. I can’t begin to describe how damaged I felt and how confusing life was not being myself. Everything was a struggle. I did everything I could with working with my thoughts and beliefs etc during those years and although I was able to handle stress better and was more positive I was still stuck in life.
Elise worked on me about a month ago and I finally have myself back! When Elise worked on me I could feel her doing it. I’m very sensitive to energy work and I felt lighter, warmth in certain areas etc. She started with the ADD which led to other things that were hooked into it. Neither of us expected her to do as much as she did! She asked me some questions that came up and noticed and took care of some other blocks like thinking I had to be perfect and some sexual abuse that happened to me in the past as well as removing the entity that put ADD in me. She also added in “wishes can come true” which I desperately needed to believe again. She let me know I might experience some ascension symptoms (which I did) and she checked on me a few days later and gave me some reassurance since I was having some fears clear out.
I have had huge improvement despite having huge life challenges during this month. I felt the emotion of faith for the first time. It comes and it goes but it’s still very new to me and nice. Since the healing my daily life has improved and is continuing to improve. Even though I had a back injury right before and am still in pain I am able to get things done and stay focused again.
My notes from the next couple days on differences I noticed:
-I felt lighter, clearer etc while being worked on
-Not overly chatty at the gym (able to stay focused, usually I get a little to social!)
-Reorganized 2 big shelves in my closet (I had wanted to do them for over a year)
-Home cooked meal
-Read long articles again (I used to read hours a day but couldn’t remain focused for even long magazine articles anymore)
-Stayed focused while ordering my daughter’s birthday presents without switching tabs
-Slept without pills for 2 nights in a row
-Cleaned and decluttered a counter over 2 days (it took me that long because of my injury but I was able to remember to go back to it)
-Cooked home meals again!
-Was able to plan meals before we were hungry
-Touched up painting that I had wanted to do for a month
-Not having constant distracting sexual thoughts
-Able to organize/list out foods we got from the food bank and use most of it including new recipes
-Read magazine surrounded by people (like I used to always be able to do!)
Now this might not seem like anything huge to people who have fully functioning lives. But to me and my children it is huge. My mother can tell the difference. I have my life back. Things are still improving.
Food is not being wasted because I don’t remember to cook it. I can remember appointments and what needs to be done. I also had to go to my Doctor who recommended I wear 2″ heels on my shoes to help with my back problems. It seems to be helping and is at least something new to try.
I also received notice that I was going to receive a refund from the IRS so I will be able to pay my bills for these next couple months and buy a few presents for my children for Christmas. This was completely out of the blue, coming from me overpaying my ex husbands tax fraud from years ago. Seriously unpredictable!
As soon as I am in a position to do so I will be ordering her block clearing package because if my one issue can do all this I can’t wait to see what the whole thing does! I’m looking forward to more changes from this, as it snowballs. Elise is definitely who you want to go to if you have any interest in healing. I couldn’t have expected results this good, even if I dreamed it up!”

-Angie C.

“Hey Elise,

So, I’ve been meaning to get back with you but I wanted to give it some time before I did. I definitely see improvements since we last spoke, I will highlight the major areas that I see so far:
The shielding technique you gave me is fabulous! I mean I feel so much better when I use it. My job requires a combination of counseling, coaching and training, so I deal directly with people and they can be a drain at times, but I am mindful to not let that happen by using the shielding technique. It also helps with other situations. I WILL NOT take on others emotions for them anymore.
I am more mindful not to let my mind go in fifty directions at once. I usually calm myself quickly when I see that about to happen; anxiety is the result of an active mind. Additionally, this admittedly is something I did not expect, but I am able to come up with solutions to problems (minor or major) very quickly and efficiently. This is truly awesome. I am not sure if it’s because my mind is more clear but there’s def a difference.
A few mantras I came up with for self-esteem/self-love: “I am not responsible for others feelings, I am only responsible for my own”, “What other people think of me is none of my business”, and “I am valid, I am important”. These are thing I repeat while in my heart center. I think your healing may have helped me come up with these ��
I remind myself daily that I am doing an awesome job and to give myself credit, that I’ve come a long way.
I do not have an appetite or cravings for anything–mostly. But, I have been making efforts for months now to change my eating habits. Its just that I feel your healing is assisting me with this.
I do not feel sorry for others as much because that is truly not helping them. Some people I work with have noticed more detachment with me and think something is wrong sometimes lol, which is when I tell them I feel better than ever!
I am learning to let shit go and not really care about how I am perceived–honestly it will take a little more time to be completely over it but so far so good
So, this is what I’ve got so far, but if I think of something else I will let you know. For now, I am truly feeling good and will keep working away at it. I am on a twin flame journey, so this has all been helpful here as well. Thanks, I hope this helps.


“Elise Perez has once again been such a huge help on my ascension journey! Recently she has worked with me to help me uncover templates I was passing through as I integrated my new vibrations in life, business, and in my union, and helped me significantly when I was in the thick of some transformation and grounding these into the body. She is skilled at assisting when and where necessary and pure in her assistance and intent. I close out sessions with her feeling renewed and the joy that is me and she is very helpful in helping others ground high vibrational energies. I highly recommend her. – Ahna”


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(The person who shared the above comment ^^, also had sent me a private E-mail, thanking me and stated that she had seen some changes in her Twin that she felt were a result of the Healing I performed on his behalf.)

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