Testimonials For Healing Work

When Asked About Results Regarding Mini Healing or Experimental Healing Work (Not Full Healing) That Was Performed, Here’s What They Said…
“I just wanted to personally thank you for a paid healing you did for me and my twin. I took advantage of the special and you cleared blocks for both of us. His fear to come over is greatly reduced and I saw him twice in 9 days (unheard of). Anyway thank you 馃槉 i was the moolah money girl.” – Bonnie 5/11/17
“…I am going to try and be direct and to the point. LOL. I am not sure what was removed during this and it does not matter. I wasnt sure that anything had changed until things started hitting me like big flippin bricks. FIrst my joy increased, I was laughing loudly again. I started photographing again… I am an artist and my heart wasnt into it for awhile. It made me sad for some reason. SO photographing again on walks YAY!!! I AM AN ARTIST! I love my camera. I ended up on a small scholarship to take the third Healing Touch certification. I had let that just sit for awhile… I AM A HEALER!…. so that happened. I am also receiving a scholarship for the apprentise level 4 in Sept…WTF? with my mentor! I feel lighter. I feel as if I heard clearly from Spirit Guides and Source what my mission is. Healing and Art bring me joy and make my heart sing. I am to do this….havent figured out exactly what this looks like yet…it will come in divine time I trust… TRUST… I feel like I am trusting the unseen more than ever, which translates into clear audio, clear sight (I swear my physical vision even got better..???) My intuition is on fire again. I am not obsessing most of the time on the TF??? It is none of my business it is Gods business when we will talk again. I am feeling him and hearing him and getting messages like never before though…. knocked me off my feet at first, it is enjoyable though, I thought if would trigger anger and sadness. It didnt. My soul played with his and it was fun. I am feeling as if I AM ready to get off my ass and make a difference with my gifts. I have an energy that is surging through me like never before…. I am playing with my Guides and Angels instead of running from them. I am having FUN>>> That is the big thing. I am having fun. I have been playing the victim card for most of my life and very insecure. All of the sudden I seem to have stepped into Divine Goddess. I am not apologizing!!! That happened too… I just stopped apologizing for stepping into ME. My language is different and my throat chakra seems to be healing. I am using my voice and I have stopped apologizing for stepping into Divine Goddess. LOLOLOL Golly, there is more… however, I have no words for the other miracles that seem to be appearing. I do not want to break the momentum, I need trust faith and courage to continue to surge. I have great things I need to do that bring me great joy and I am not going to sit around and try and manifest some man to come into my life and take care of it all anymore… TF or not whatever, whoever, I am Divine Goddess and I have work to do now. LOL. I hope this makes some sort of sense. One last thing.. I feel a surge of confidence that I have not experienced in a very long time. BRING IT SOURCE< I AM READY TO CONTINUE THIS JOURNEY ….. One more thing…. I actually really am loving myself… I am pretty fucking cool. HAAAAHAHAHA OK that is all for the moment. I said I would keep it short and that did not really happen hahahahaah Peace, Love and Blessings Elise Perez. Guides led me to you and I listened. You have created a very safe space for this super fast awakening that I have apparently been chosen to ride. I no longer feel like I am teetering on crazy. Love and light!…聽Oh one more thing… I had a blog I started that was going to eventually be a book…. Awakening is so breathtaking… I started it a couple of years ago and it was about my journey with God. I stopped writing…… Guess what .. I started writing again. WTF??? I started writing again!”
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“Yess I got a job with more money and benefits.. And more money in bank account.” – Raven
“Forgive my grammar, just listing as it comes to mind.
1. My final life goal took off. I’m now in private practice. I don’t feel doubtful of success like before. Already have 3 clients w referrals on the way. I know $ is on its way and and visualize it here.
2. Movement with my marital problems, at least we are talking rationally now and can agree we need to be kind to each other. Still not sure what the outcome will be but I can verbalize how I feel and set limits.
3. My twin contacted me on his own for once. And right after I told myself, F it, gotta do what’s right for me. Seems to always work that way.
4. I’m understanding the TF concept more.
5. Have received several compliments regarding my looks, intelligence, my drive.
6. Back pain drastically decreased.
7. More self confidence and can accept my body better than before.
8. Feeling stronger in setting personal boundaries.
9. I’ve always been fearful of being alone, not anymore.” – Gelena
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My self esteem has grown and my understanding of love has evolved quite drastically compared to 2 weeks ago. I wonder what I’ll be like 2 weeks from now? – Michael
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“This is helping me really understand my power and how healing works.” – Angie C.
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“I have pretty much stopped drinking for past 3 days, also cut out sugar and caffeine. I am doing a detox that I have thought about doing for a while but haven’t found the strength to do it before….” – Lynn
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